What can you expect from us?

No doubt, we are serving the best we can. Varieties of tea beverages you can get from us, and of course, feel free to drop us a message if you would like to see something new!

Explore The Best Tea Drinks in Town

Chun Yang Tea has varieties of drinks in our menu for customers to choose with. The drinks categories including Fresh Milk Tea, Traditional Tea, Fresh Fruit Tea, Original Tea, Cocoa Brownies and Smoothie Series.

Meanwhile, customers are free to add any toppings in the drinks to enjoy different texture.

Customers can also customize their own drink by choosing the ice and sugar levels. If you are not sure which level fits your the best, always feel free to consult our customer service and we are glad that we can help!

Best Seller

Honey Lemon Oolong Tea

Brown Sugarr Pearl w Fresh Milk

Osmanthus Honey Oolong Tea

Green Tea Lemon w Aiyu Jelly

Pudding Oolong Tea w Fresh Milk

Cheese Macchiato

Red Bean Fresh Milk

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