Story of Chun Yang Tea Malaysia

Experience our story, as you are the main character of it.

All About Chun Yang Tea Malaysia

Chun Yang Tea Malaysia started the tea journey on January, 2019. Our very first store is in One Utama Shopping Center, Petaling Jaya.

End of year 2019, we achieved the first milestone of the path to have total 6 outlets in Malaysia.

Due to Movement Control Order (MCO) in year 2020, we slower down our steps in expanding but we focus on building our internal drinks quality and also staff training. Thus, we were having 9 outlets by end of year 2020.

Moving forward, we aimed high and keep working hard to demand excellent result, which we made it for 13 outlets in Malaysia by end of year 2021. It’s a great achievement for us which means that Malaysian actually enjoyed our drinks and it’s where our motivation come from to serve better drinks to everyone.

As the economy is recovering and the pandemic is under controlled in year 2022, Chun Yang Tea would proud to announce that we are having 20 outlets in total within whole Malaysia.


Serving good drinks is our main vision and we would like to spread our love to the public through the drinks. Chun Yang Tea appreciated the supports all along the journey and we will always keep our promise to perform as “Best Tea Beverages in Town”.

Chun Yang Tea Story

The term ‘Chun Yang’ is originated from a village in Ren’Ai, Taiwan. Ren’Ai township specializing in cultivating tea leaves for the consumption of the masses all around the world. By using fresh tea leaves grown from their tea plantation, Chun Yang Tea is established to bring forth a fusion of modern tea drinks infused with traditional tea recipes.

More than just a cup of tea

Unlike the others, Chun Yang Tea is famous for using only fresh ingredients, such as real tea leaves and fresh milk for each
respective drinks. Each taste of the drink harbours an intense refreshing reaction that only fresh ingredients can provide.