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Chun Yang Tea’s brand promise is to always prioritise our customers, we emphasise on creating satisfaction to everyone who walked into our stores. Quality drinks come first, with proactive services.

Majority of our ingredients are imported from Taiwan, to ensure that the drinks served with most authentic taste. Just like you are right there in Taiwan!

In Chun Yang Tea, everyone deserves a cup of great tea, which make you feel that everyday just like the first day of spring season.

Tea Leaves Cultivation

John Dodd, a British Scots visited Taiwan at 1860 with the purpose of trade scouting as a foreign agent. He also popularized Taiwan’s product in his lifetime and be named as ‘The Father of Taiwan Oolong Tea’.

In 1866, John Dodd once visited the north of Taiwan and introduces the plantation of tea. Due to industrial Revolution 2.0 in 1867, machine has been introduced to the production of tea. John Dodd also promoted tea to Macau and make tea famous in Macau.

In 1869, John Dodd carried the first batch of tea to New York with the brand of Formosa Oolong, bring Taiwan’s tea to worldwide. Chun Yang let more people know the multicultural and of course the story and the inheritance of the tea.

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